Cigar Box Guitar, Cajon, Blues Harp and Vocals

About Us

Suedan musical duo formed in September 2016

Although Sue and Danny Filmer had played in many bands they had never played together. In 2016 Danny started building and playing his own stringed instruments (cigarbox guitars), he first tried stomp boxes for a beat but soon realized drumming was best left to the experts.

He then asked Sue to drum for him, Sue put aside the kit, congos and bongos and took up playing Cajon (Box Drum). They tested the box duo out it seemed to work and they started getting work at Festivals, Breweries, Hotels, Bars and Wineries.

Our Music

Blues and Roots Played on Cigar Box Guitars and Cajon

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Virtuoso Wikipedia  A virtuoso is an individual who possesses outstanding talent and technical ability. Aussie Dictionary Over Achiever Rock Band Dictionary Try Hard 

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Cajon Wikipedia A Cajon is box shaped percussion instrument  Aussie Dictionary A what? A Cahoon? Rock Band Dictionary Arse Bongos

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Cigar Box Guitar Wikipedia The cigar box guitar is a simple chordophone that uses a empty cigar box as a resonator. Aussie Dictionary A weird

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